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What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a dynamic approach to assessing, preventing, and treating complex chronic disease to help you achieve optimal health. Chronic disease is almost always preceded by a lengthy period of declining function in one or more of the body’s systems. These dysfunctions are, for each of us, the result of lifelong interactions among our environment, our lifestyle, and our genetic predispositions. Functional medicine is dedicated to the prevention, assessment and management of complex, chronic disease by intervening at multiple levels to correct imbalances and thereby restore your functionality and health to the greatest extent possible.

Why Choose A Functional Medicine Approach?

At Renu Functional medicine, we focus on restoring health and function by getting to the root causes, rather than simply controlling signs and symptoms. We use lab-based natural health programs along with lifestyle changes to help minimize or reverse chronic health challenges.

What Is The Kalish Method?

The Kalish Method recognizes that most disharmonies are a result of a three-part process:

  1. A stress response is the trigger. People start to develop health problems within a year of being under intense emotional stress as their bodies respond to that stress with an increase in cortisol.
  2. These high stress levels combined with poor diet choices then cause their digestive systems to fall apart, at least for a little while or sometimes for long periods of time.
  3. Over time, as they’re breathing and eating every day, toxins build up and liver detox pathways break down creating disharmony and imbalances.

The Kalish Method uses the latest in modern scientific testing to create a patient-specific solution combining simple lifestyle changes and lab-based supplement programs to help you reclaim your health and achieve optimum wellness.

Health and Wellness Programs

Renu Functional Medicine and the Kalish Method can help you address the 5 most common chronic conditions

We can also assist with many other imbalances and disharmonies you are experiencing.

There are many signs of adrenal fatigue such as difficulty getting up in the morning, difficulty falling asleep, prolonged stress, overuse of stimulants, and frequent illness. With this Adrenal Restart program, we will help you get back on the right track using nutrient-rich food and healthy habits.
Did you know that most illnesses including anxiety and depression, leaky gut, allergies, and weight gain can be attributed to poor gut health? This 8-week program is designed to help you make essential lifestyle changes and restore your digestive health.

High Protein Recipe Pack

Get our collection of simple high protein recipes with over 50 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, treats and smoothie options!

Low-Carb Recipe Pack

Get our collection of low-carb recipes with over 30 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, treats and smoothie options!

Plant-Based Recipe Pack

Get our plant-based recipe collection with over 50 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, treats and smoothie options!

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